College Representative Visits To Your High School: What To Do

In the Fall many colleges will send a representative from the Office of Admissions to your high school to make a brief presentation about their college.  Colleges do this so that they can spread the word about themselves and hopefully find students who would be just the right fit for them.     Here are […]

Frosh and Sophs: December College Reminders

Freshmen and sophomores, December is a great time to get ahead for college! Here are a few things you can do before the holidays to make sure you’re on the right path to get into the school of your dreams.   Keep those grades up, people!  The GPA you get now will set the stage […]

Juniors: What You Need To Do This December

Juniors, right now is a crucial time for you! Everything you do (and don’t do) now, will affect where you will be accepted one year from now. You’re setting yourself to apply to college, don’t forget that!   Grades, grades, grades Not to sound like a broken record, but your grades are SO crucial this semester! […]

7 December Reminders For Seniors

Hey Seniors! It’s still high time for apps, but the holidays are fast approaching. We know you don’t want to be writing your personal statement over your much needed break, so here is some advice to help you crank out those apps!   Common App still struggling First and foremost, Seniors need to be aware […]

So You’re Starting Your College Apps in November

So you are starting your college applications in November?  Never fear, here’s the list of exactly what you need to do to achieve that goal.  You can do this; no worries.  You’ll need to be focused, so let’s get started.   1.  Determine your list of schools Make sure you have 2 Safety schools (you know you can get in), […]

November Application Tasks for Sophs and Frosh

Hello sophomores and freshmen! You’re almost halfway through the school year and now is a great time to do a few things to prepare for college apps.   Grades – Get stellar grades!  Freshman and sophomore year are the most important years for setting a base GPA for yourself. The grades you get these years […]

November Application Tasks for Juniors

Hey there, Juniors! Although your tasks aren’t as intense as the Seniors’ this month, things are starting to pick up for you!   Test Prep – Do it now!  Now is the time to start thinking about test prep if you haven’t already. It is best to have your test prep done in November or […]

November Application Tasks for Seniors

Happy November, everybody!  Fall is really here and Seniors should be focusing on applications.  Check CollegeMapper to see your timeline and stay on top of your tasks for this busy month.   Be aware of deadlines:  The most important deadline of the year in college admissions year is November 1, when Early Decision and Early […]

College Deadline Extensions 2013 – UPDATE!

By: Mia Myklebust   Due to the trouble many students are experiencing with the 2013 Common Application, some colleges have extended their Early Decision as well as regular decision deadlines. See the list of the schools who’ve changed their deadlines below. If you know of another college that has extended its deadline, please let us […]

Senior Year October College Checklist

Hi Seniors! There are quite a few things you should be doing now to make sure you’re ready to submit those apps come November. Here are a few key things you be sure to get done this month!   Order your transcripts Go see your guidance counselor, they will have a form for ordering your […]