2014 Guide to the Common App: Part 1

It’s August 1, 2014, and you Seniors know that that means–the Common App is live!  Let’s walk step-by-step through this beast and help you make sure yours is AMAZING!! Log onto www.commonapp.ORG (NOT .com, those guys are posers trying to lure stressed teens to a bogus site!) Create an account and use proper capitalization and punctuation!  Do […]

Meet our March Scholarship Winner: Alex

Say congratulations to Alex! The March winner of our CollegeMapper Scholarship Contest! Alex is a new 12th grader who likes to hang out with his friends and play video games in his free time. In fact, he likes video games so much he is part of Video Game/Comic Club at school! (We’re big fans of […]

Fall 2014 SAT and ACT Test Dates

Although we hate to admit it, fall is right around the corner! If you haven’t yet taken your ACT or SAT, or want to take it another time to get those scores up (usually not a bad idea), you need to be aware of when the test dates are. Remember, you have to sign up […]

Am I Eligible for Fee Waivers?

A lot of conversation goes on about the cost of college. The rising price of tuition in recent years has fueled a firestorm of commentary from all kinds of critics. However, the first barrier to entry for many students is the cost of submitting their apps.   Although obviously not as significant as the price of […]

Meet Our May Scholarship Winner: Christina!

Our May College Scholarship Winner is a lovely young lady named Christina! Christina is a 17-year-old who enjoys biking, playing with her dogs and hanging out with friends. She says she wants to go to college because, “It will be a good life experience,” and states, “I want to learn.” Christina hails from Tracy, Minnesota […]

Athletic Recruiting for College: Part 3 (The Details!)

For those of you following our three-part blog on sports recruiting, (see part 1 and part 2) here is the third and final installment.   Just to recap: using your sport for college admissions will help you get into a better school than you can get into on your own.  Recruiting, though, means that you […]

Choose My Major: Pharmacy

Do you like science? Do you want to help people?  If you are great at paying attention to details, and if you have strong communication skills, then you should consider a career as a pharmacist!  This career offers a great salary and solid job security.  As our population ages, pharmacists will be more and more […]

Athletic Recruiting for College: Part 2

Using your sport to help you get into college may be one of the wisest plays you ever make.  There are many things to know, though, so read on in this second installment on Sports Recruiting from high school to college.   Conduct this like a business; do NOT take it personally. These coaches don’t […]

Plan Your College Courses To Graduate On Time

Whatever degree you are seeking or program you are in, it’s important to plan out which courses you need to take to graduate so that you can see exactly how long your schooling will take you.   This will help you to know hhow much money you need to pay for school and how much […]

Choose My Major: Nursing

So you want to be nurse?  Great!  We will always need great nurses, and if you’ve ever been in the hospital, you know the power of a friendly, kind, smart nurse who is excited about his or her career.  Nurses are compassionate people who do much to ease the suffering and fear of others.  It’s […]