Athletics Timeline

Getting ready to apply for college? CollegeMapper can help you out. This page will show you at a glance what to work on each year to improve your college applications! If you plan to go to college to focus on the Arts, Military, or Athletics, check out the specialized timelines as well.

If you are recruited, you will still need to market yourself or it could all come to nothing.

If you are not recruited, you can aggressively market yourself and be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Junior Year

Before school starts Complete college list.
Early fall Research schools and select favorites.
Before Thanksgiving Contact coaches at target schools.
Before Thanksgiving Have your coach contact all coaches as well.
Fall Send resume to each coach.
ASAP, (before Feb.) Send highlights DVD.
Fall/winter Visit the campus overnight, with a teammate.
Regularly now Email coaches tourneys, schedules and stats.
Regularly now Your coach stays in contact with the coaches.
Winter/spring Coaches can ask you to commit verbally.
May Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
June/July Send final junior transcripts ASAP.

Senior Year

July/August All major recruiting (for D1) finished.
August Rosters are typically full by first week.
November National Letter of Intent mailed first week.