Meet our Monthly Scholarship Winner: Daniel!

danielSay congratulations to Daniel! Our monthly scholarship winner! Daniel is a Junior who recently turned 16. What better birthday gift than a CollegeMapper Scholarship? In his free time, Daniel likes to run, play sports with his siblings, and play the saxophone.
After school, he is very involved and participates in marching band, cross country, and soccer. He also enjoys helping fellow students and participates in Peer Assistance and Leadership. It’s a program where we travel to elementary schools in the district and mentor troubled kids,” said Daniel.
This busy guy also recently got hired and is training at the local Whataburger. Daniel is very passionate about college and already has a good idea about his future plans.I plan on applying to schools with aviation programs including Baylor University, University of North Texas, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,” he said. Since I was a kid I’ve always been interested in aviation,” he said. “I’d like to study aviation business or maybe even music since I’ve been in the band for 5 years.”daniel 1
Daniel’s dream job is to be an airline pilot, however, no matter what path he ends up on, he knows college is in the cards for him. My parents are first generation immigrants from Mexico and they always raised me to try to do better than them,” he said. “I feel like college would open many doors to great careers that I could get in the future which could allow me to live a great life.
Daniel is a big CM fan and said, “It helps me know what I need to focus on during the school year so I can better prepare myself for college. My favorite feature is the ‘Tip of the Day‘,” he said. “I use it a lot because nobody from my family has graduated from college, and this really gives me information that is simple yet I didn’t know because nobody has the experience. I’d recommend it to anybody in high school looking for help to plan ahead for college. We’re so glad to be of service, Daniel! Congrats on your scholarship, you truly deserve it!
Yay, college!


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