Fall 2014 SAT and ACT Test Dates

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Although we hate to admit it, fall is right around the corner! If you haven’t yet taken your ACT or SAT, or want to take it another time to get those scores up (usually not a bad idea), you need to be aware of when the test dates are.
Remember, you have to sign up early for these tests to get a spot in the test center closest to your home. Trust us there’s nothing worse than driving an hour to get to an 8:30 am test. Plus, if you sign up late you have to pay an extra fee and no one likes that. So get signed up right away! Happy testing!
SAT Test Dates
Test: October 11
Sign up by: September 12
Late sign up: September 30
Test: November 8
Sign up by: October 9
Late sign up: October 28
Test: December 6
Sign up by: November 6
Late sign up: November 24
ACT Test Dates
Test: September 13
Sign up by: August 8
Late sign up: August 9-22
Test: October 25
Sign up by: September 19
Late sign up: September 20-October 3
Test: December 13
Sign up by: November 7
Late sign up: November 8-21


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