Athletic Recruiting for College: Part 3 (The Details!)

high school baseball catcherFor those of you following our three-part blog on sports recruiting, (see part 1 and part 2) here is the third and final installment.
Just to recap: using your sport for college admissions will help you get into a better school than you can get into on your own.  Recruiting, though, means that you contact the coaches and make connections with them, even when you get virtually no replies; you just keep trying until they do answer.  Very rarely do coaches contact you first, so be sure to make a diverse list and reach out several times. Here are some more tips to get you on the team!
Recruiting timeline:
D1 Girls: sophomore and Junior year
D1 Boys: Junior year
D2 all: spring of Junior year rosters are filled and done
D3 all: coaches typically follow the “get into my school and then I can commit” line, but they do have some sway in admissions at certain schools, so it DOES help.
College coaches do NOT have big budgets to recruit, so promote yourself or they will just recruit locally because of the costs involved.  More schools are east, so be sure to look EAST! You are competing with both US and International kids, so be aware. 70% of colleges in the US are East of the Mississippi River, so be sure to build your college list considering that. Start early, get a list, visit schools.  Be persistent on the field, in the classroom, in your college selection process.  Have everything ready to go (transcripts, test scores); If they request something, fax it RIGHT away.
Official visits:
– 5 different schools
– 48-hour visits
– One time only at each school
– The college will cover some or all of these expenses
– Men’s Basketball can start having visits January 1 of Junior year
– Women’s Basketball can start having visits April of Junior year beginning Thursday following the Final Four
– Other sports not allowed official visits the Junior year, they can start having visits starting opening day of classes your Senior year
There is no limit to official visits to D2 colleges
Unofficial visits are unlimited and at your own expense.  Email and call all you want, but D1 and D2 coaches can’t email you back until the beginning of your Junior year.  It does still help if you reach out to them lots to show your interest and stay on their radar.
– Students may always call coaches
– When the coaches can call you varies based on D1, D2, the type of sport and year in school.
– Check on your specific situation using this handy calendar: (Page 22)
– D3: basically unregulated
– NAIA  unregulated for the most part. (Put some of these schools on your list because they do have scholarship money to give).
– When they call, make sure you answer!!
– Enter the coach’s number into your phone and when the coach calls, TAKE THE CALL.
– Texts are NOT allowed.
Gather your video and have it ready to go.  Coaches want YOU to stay on top of THEM.  Remember, video entices coaches to come and see you, but no one is recruited from video
The video includes all different formats
-Some highlights
-Show the whole play
-The show plays that will highlight your abilities
-Most kids post this on YouTube and email the coaches the link
Info package:
Send info package to coaches earlier than you think!  Boys: sophomore year.  Girls: freshman year.
Cover letter:
Kids MUST write it because coaches can quickly tell.  Include: Why you like the school, a little about you, what’s in the packet, and a link to footage posted on YouTube.
Include in the packet:
-Picture of you – not a glamour shot
-Their recruiting questionnaire
-Resume: lists your jersey # and color / Your height/weight
-Phone numbers/names of your club and HS coaches
-Test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT)
-Tourney schedule
After 5-7 days, call to verify with a coach that he/she received the package.  Have a “script” ready of questions you want to ask. They want to recruit kids who WANT to be at their school
And always remember: 99% of kids must recruit themselves.  Sports can help you get into a great college, and the network and support do a lot to help you succeed once you are there, so strongly consider playing your sport in college.  At least give it a try because the benefits are so great!
Yay, college!


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