Why You Should Study A STEM Field

STEM college studentSimply put, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
You have probably heard the term used in the news lately to commiserate the lack of qualified U.S. candidates for the growing number of jobs in the STEM field.
With the explosion of technology, the majority of these jobs are in the Computing field. These jobs are often some of the highest paying and have the best possibility for growth.
Part of the STEM movement involves working to increase the number of students studying engineering in school. Currently it is offered mainly in gifted programs.
President Obama is a strong proponent of STEM. In 2012 he renamed the “Mathematics and Science Partnership” and broadened it to include giving block grants to states where teacher education is improved in those areas.
STEM is also a field in which there is a significant gender gap. Women hold less than 25% of the jobs in science, technology, mathematics and engineering fields in the US. This had led to the development of many women in science groups with a heavy focus on helping girls foster an interest in STEM fields from a young age.
STEM career types*:
Computing (71%)
Traditional engineering (16%)
Physical sciences (7%)
Life sciences (4%)
Mathematics (2%)
Colleges with the most STEM grads**:
California Institute of Technology – 98% graduate in a STEM field
Colorado School of Mines – 98%
Missouri University of Science & Technology – 91%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA) – 88%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 86%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) – 84%
Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ) – 82%
Michigan Technological University – 77%
Clarkson University (NY) -76%
Georgia Institute of Technology– 76%
If you’re looking for a college major with great career potential in terms of available positions and competitive pay, look no further! STEM is the way to go. Yay, college!
*Career data from Stemcareer.com
**College data from USNWR


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