Why To Get On The Mailing List At Your Target Colleges

join college mailing list
The mailing list at any school is something you want to be on.
Basically, it means that you give the school your email address and then they send you news and info about their school.
What it really means is that they know you are interested and you are then on their radar.  This has several great benefits for you!
Why join the mailing list:
1.  You demonstrate the interest in the school by joining the mailing list.  Schools like to know who is really interested, so this helps you stand out.
2.  You find out about new programs and offerings on the campus.  This helps you determine if the school is a great fit for you or not. The college will send you news bits that can really show you a lot about what it’s like to go there.
3.  You find out when that college will be in your town or near you.  This is great because then you can go to the events and meet the actual people who will be reading your file and deciding if you get in or not.  These people are the best people to answer all of your deepest questions on the college, so it’s great to meet them!
How to join the mailing list:
1.  The easiest way to join the mailing list is to click the red “Request Info” button on your college list on CollegeMapper and you will automatically be subscribed to the college’s mailing list.
2.  If there is no red button next to the name of the college, then you can join the mailing list by going to the Admissions page of their website.  Click “Request Info” and enter your contact details.
It’s never too late to join the mailing list, but you can start joining them anytime during and after freshman year!  Before that, it may be a little odd to be thinking of college, but as soon as high school starts it’s perfectly normal!  Joining the mailing list is a great way to get connected to your target colleges!


7 Responses

    1. Hi Sam! Yes, they do and it helps you, so sign up at every college that interests you. 🙂
      Yay, college!

  1. I feel like it’s weird to sign up for mailing lists as a freshman, but I have. Is that ok? Does it seem weird?

    1. Hi Caroline -Great job being so proactive! It is just a bit early so I recommend you do it at the end of sophomore year! 🙂

  2. I am a Junior in Highschool. Is it too early to start emailing Admission officers about questions I may have about the school? Would it be pointless? I want the schools that I apply to know that I am interested and eager and have many questions.

    1. Hi Paige,

      You can of course email admissions officers. But it is a balancing act. You don’t want to overwhelm or appear too eager. 🙂

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