Where To Find A Summer Internship

you can become an internBy: Caitlin Heikkila, GoEnnounce

Sure, you could spend your summers and extra time playing video games or hitting the beach, but we suggest going for an internship instead. Why? Internships are a great way to gain some (as-close-as-you-can-get) real-life work experience and meet people in your field. Filling your resume with internships is a surefire way to increase your contact list as well as get you closer to graduating with a job lined up.  Not only does an internship teach you some of the skills you’ll need in your industry, but also will help you better understand what you do and don’t want to do in the future.
So, where to begin? Here’s where to start your search.

1. Internship Sites
If you’ve ever Googled “internship,” you’ll know that there’s no shortage of Internship sites out there. Check out some of our favorites, like Internships.com, Ed2010, or InternMatch. They update regularly, so keep on checking back to discover more positions.

2. Your Career Center
Your college is likely filled with career resources, and you should take advantage. When companies need interns, often times, they go directly to the schools to find them. If your school has a career center, or if you have an advisor, make an appointment to chat. They often have plenty to choose from to save you from scouring the Internet.

3. Directly at the Company
If you have a “dream company” that you want to work for, visit their site and contact their human resources department or hiring manager. Many companies look for interns year round and list internship opportunities on their website. Even if nothing is listed, reach out and show your interest.

4. Social Media
Social Media isn’t just for socializing with friends—it can also be useful for professional circumstances. Ask your GoEnnounce connections for resources; search for opportunities on LinkedIn, or tweet with someone like Lauren Berger, the “Intern Queen” for ideas.

5. Your Network
You might not think of yourself as someone with a big professional network yet, but you might be surprised at how many people you know! Talk to your professors, family friends, co-workers, and anyone else who might know about potential opportunities.  If you put yourself out there and let people know you’re looking, you’ll have more eyes on the look out for something that fits your interests.
Also, GoEnnounce offers an internship program for high school & college students who want to gain some marketing experience. Learn more about our program here.


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