7 December Reminders For Seniors

December SeniorsHey Seniors! It’s still high time for apps, but the holidays are fast approaching. We know you don’t want to be writing your personal statement over your much needed break, so here is some advice to help you crank out those apps!
Common App still struggling
First and foremost, Seniors need to be aware that the common app is still struggling and expects record numbers of traffic this month. Take this into account when you are planning your submissions.
These grades matter
Next, even though you’re swamped with apps and it can be easy to forget about class and your grades, DON’T! Take stock of every class and how you’re doing. Remember, you will have to send these grades to any colleges where you’re waitlisted, and you want to be able to impress them. Try studying an extra 15-30 minutes every night. This may not seem like much, but it will definitely make a difference come end of the semester. Also, do your very, very best on every assignment. Go above and beyond and teachers will notice and reward you for it!
Set yourself a deadline
We all know how much longer it takes to get tasks done when there is no deadline. Don’t fall into this trap with your college apps. Set a deadline, December 15 is a great choice, and force yourself to finish your apps by then. You want to appear interested and punctual to colleges, not like a procrastinator.
Double check your college list
Take one last look at your college list to ensure that you have enough options. Also, make sure you have an even distribution of Safety, Match and Reach schools. Use your CollegeMapper college list to check this! That being said, apply wisely! All your apps should be quality. Don’t submit willy nilly at the last minute just because you’re feeling stressed. You’re going to get in!
Verify that your apps are complete
Once you’ve submitted an app you’ll get a Thank You email with login information. You need to use this info to check the status of your app. You will be able to see which parts of the app the school has received and which parts are still missing. This is VERY important! If you don’t get all the pieces of your app in on time, it could be thrown out! Give documents around 2 weeks to be updated in your online portal, and if they’re still not entered call the school to follow up.
Set up interviews
It’s not too late to have an interview! Some colleges have specific interview slots you can sign up for, if you schools offer this, make sure to sign up. Even if they don’t offer formal interviews, contact admissions officers who are coming to your area and see if they can get together for a 15 minute coffee. Don’t feel intimidated, remember, these are people who love talking to and meeting teenagers! Many times they will agree to meet with you, however if they do say no, make sure that you attend the rep visits at your high school. Even if it’s in a group setting, this will help put a face to your name and application.
Hearing back!
Those of you who applied Early Decision or Early Action will start to hear back from schools this month. You will either be accepted, rolled into the Regular Decision pool or denied. If your Early Decision college accepts you then you need to contact the other schools you applied to and let them know you would like your application to be rescinded. This is all part of the agreement you signed when you applied ED, so make sure to follow through.
If you applied EA you don’t have to worry about doing anything until the May 1st declaration deadline! Lucky you!
Keep on trucking, Seniors! I know this time of year is a little nutty, but just think how great it will be to have a relaxing holiday without college apps looming over your head! Yay, college!


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