November Application Tasks for Sophs and Frosh

photo 2 (2)Hello sophomores and freshmen! You’re almost halfway through the school year and now is a great time to do a few things to prepare for college apps.
Grades – Get stellar grades! 
Freshman and sophomore year are the most important years for setting a base GPA for yourself. The grades you get these years will have more of an impact on your GPA than those you get later on in high school, so make sure you start high! Getting stellar grades now will help you get into your dream school later!
Also, good grades often mean more scholarship money when applying to college. If you have amazing grades you will likely get some or all of your schooling paid for!
Students always ask me how to get scholarships. The reality is that only a handful of kids get private scholarships and those that do usually only get a few thousand dollars. However, most kids are awarded merit-based scholarships from the college they attend, and that can be from 5-50K! These merit scholarships are awarded primarily on GPA, so keep yours high!
Volunteering – Do something you’re passionate about!
Now is the time to start volunteering. You will want to continue doing this all four years of high school and it’s good to do it at the same place. If you find somewhere you’re passionate about helping, the hours will fly by! Volunteering is good for you, it helps you see the big picture and realize that there are much bigger problems out there. In the end, by volunteering you’re helping yourself just as much as you’re helping someone else!
That’s all, folks! Study hard and get out there do some good! Yay, college!


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