November Application Tasks for Juniors

photo 3Hey there, Juniors! Although your tasks aren’t as intense as the Seniors’ this month, things are starting to pick up for you!
Test Prep – Do it now! 
Now is the time to start thinking about test prep if you haven’t already. It is best to have your test prep done in November or December, so you can start testing! Planning to take your tests in December or January is a good idea. Remember that these test dates fill up, so register now to be sure you can go to the testing center near your house. Nothing is worse than having to drive two hours away on test day when you’re already stressed out!
College List – Keep creating it! 
Working on your college list should be an ongoing task during your Junior year. Keep researching and figuring out what colleges are going to make the cut. Keep your list up to date on CollegeMapper so you don’t forget anything!
Campus Visits – Get started!
November and December is a good time to start going on some college visits if and when you’re ready. Many students do this in the Spring of Junior year, but it’s never too soon! I would definitely suggest visiting your local colleges first and then moving on to any you have to fly to once you’re more certain you will be applying. We have a great handout on campus visits in our Resources section.
Resume – Keeping adding to it!
Keep working on your college activities Resume, so you don’t accidentally leave anything off come application time. Be sure to stay involved with activities you did in previous years to show colleges that you are a committed person. Junior year is a good time to start taking your role within your organizations to the next level. Focus on becoming a leader in your club, sport, or group. You could also show initiative by founding a club, becoming a tutor or mentoring a younger student.   The sky is the limit! Get creative.
Grades, grades, grades
You already know to try your best to get good grades, but this year it matters even more! Colleges look very closely at Junior year grades. They won’t see your Senior year grades before it’s time to submit your apps, so they rely heavily on Junior grades when assessing your application. Finish this semester strong!
Keep on trucking, guys! In a few short months, it’s going to be all about you!


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