College Essay Topic Ideas

female student writing college essayFor those of you starting (or perfecting!) your college essays, here are some areas that are great to focus on.  Pick ONE and tell one story that shows it.
Work ethic – Write about how your dedicated work ethic has served you well in a certain instance.
Judgment – Give an example of a time you used your best judgment to navigate a situation.
Resilience – Explain how you were able to bounce back from a challenging experience.
Initiative – Tell about a time when you seized an opportunity and what you did.
Positive mental attitude – Describe an experience when your positive mental attitude helped you succeed.
Self confidence – Tell about a time when self confidence served you well.
Life skills – Give an example of life skills you gained from a certain poignant experience.
Teamwork – Talk about a time when you learned about teamwork and the importance of it.
Time management – Describe an experience you had with time management and what you learned.
Accepting criticism – Write about an experience you had that required to accept criticism and how you benefited from it.
Dealing with diversity – Write about a time when you had to deal with diversity and what you learned from it.
Conflict management – Explain to readers how you took a leading role in managing a conflict and what you learned.
Ability to adapt/problem solve – Give an example of how you are able to adapt or problem solve when confronted with issues.
Analytical thinking – Tell about a time when you were able to think analytically about a problem in order to solve it.
Ability to advocate for yourself – As a teenager, it can be hard to stand up for yourself, especially to adults. Give an example of a time when you advocated for yourself under tough circumstances.
These are some great themes that you could build an essay on!
Yay, college!


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