Common App: Submission Confirmation Email

Young man working on Common AppMany of you have received confirmations from your colleges for applications you have submitted, and just as many of you have not received all of these confirmations. What we don’t know is if this is because the Common App is malfunctioning. Here is what you should do:

1. Check on the Common App to be sure that you have green checkmarks that indicate you have in fact submitted the application.

2. Be sure that you completed the signature page for each application, on the Common App and the writing supplement page per college.

3. Be sure your credit card was in fact charged for each payment.

4. Then call each college to ask if they have received the application and if they have an online login system where you can check the status of the application. (This is the answer you really want to hear.)

That should do it! Don’t be stressed, either, as the colleges are well aware of these difficulties and people are being really gracious as we all try to get through this together.  🙂

Yay, college!


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