September To Do’s for Sophs and Frosh

Freshman and Sophomore at schoolSophomores and Freshmen, back to school is a wonderful time of year, and now you have another reason to be excited. You get to start thinking about college! There’s nothing better than looking forward to the future! Here’s your to-do list for this month to keep you on the right path so you can get to your dream school.
GPA is your friend and your focus
Do your very best because your GPA this year largely sets what you will apply to college with, and where you will get in.  Avoid talking to teachers about grades and points because they don’t enjoy it…
Join some clubs and get involved!
This is very important because colleges will ask what you’ve been up to for 4 years of high school.  Also, it’s WAY more fun to go through high school if you’re active in school activities.  Way.
Do some compassionate volunteering 
This is important!  It shows that you care about others besides yourself.  Avoid sports volunteer spots because you don’t have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to do them and you’re often not helping people in need (Special Olympics is a fabulous exception.)

Do these things now, you’ll be happy you did later! They might seem small, but they will make a huge difference come college app time! Yay, college!

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