September Checklist for Juniors

Girl studies at libraryHopefully your fall is off to a great start! As you get back into class, sports, clubs, and homework, think about doing some work on preparing for college.
Start that college list, kids
Juniors it’s time to start a college list on CollegeMapper and start narrowing it down.  Maybe start with 30 or so colleges and aim to get to 8.  Fun!!
Test Prep and Start testing
Oh, you poor souls.  It’s true that you need to do this and it’s true that it is no fun. Register early.
Teachers and Rec Letters, yay!
Target two core subject teachers this year who can write rec letters for you, and be an angel!
Campus Visits
This is a great year to visit campuses. Read the our handout on how to go about this and have a great time because it really is memorable.
Do your best in school and do not talk to teachers about grades and points.  It has a negative effect.  Teachers like learners, not grade grubbers.  Beware.
Think about leadership
Start positioning yourself now for a leadership position this year or next. Think about clubs and activities you’re already involved in, could you move up in those clubs? If so, go for it!
College is closer than you think! Prepare now and your Senior year will be that much easier! Yay, college!


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