Application Season Advice for Parents

Mom and studentParents, it’s your turn! Here are 4 pieces of advice to keep in mind as your student enters application season.
This is not your turn to apply to college
Try hard to remember that you had your turn and your child needs to be happy at the college, not you.  🙂

Kids work at their own pace, and slower if you nag
I’ve seen it a million times.  The mom wants the apps done yesterday, so the kid does them in November.  But ten to one if she said nothing, he’d actually start when his friends do, largely in September.

Avoid editing the rough drafts
It hurts the student.  They don’t learn to write and edit their own work and admissions officers can tell the piece has been massaged by an adult.  Parents can mean well, but it’s not a good idea.  Teachers and counselors can help.

Take a deep breath because they all end up where they’re meant to be   🙂
Every student, every time.  I watch it every year and am continually amazed at the beauty and justice of the process.  Take heart.  All will be well.
Yay, college!!

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