Rising Frosh and Sophs: August College To Do’s

Freshman and sophomores college checklist for AugustFrosh and Sophs, August is upon us and that means you have some exciting new tasks to check off your list for college!
Rising Sophomores:
Happy August! In addition to summer school, working on your tan and catching up on bad tv, remember that you can always hop down to your local library and read. Also, try Shakespeare in the Park, which is usually free in every city and is an uber cool way to be cool. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from Prospero, Portia, Lysander or Lady Macbeth!

I particularly suggest that you volunteer this summer. We have great volunteer ideas on CollegeMapper under Resources, and now is definitely the time for you to start.
Rising Freshmen:
Welcome to high school!  SO exciting!  This August you can start to think about school supplies and school clothes, but if you want to think about college (and you don’t have to…it’s early for you!) but if you do, then you can: read, and volunteer this month.  Reading makes you smarter and it is relaxing.  Volunteering helps other people and gets your mind off of yourself for a while. There are tons of options for where to volunteer, get creative and find something that you enjoy!
Yay, college!


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