July College Checklist For New Juniors, Sophs and Frosh

July College To Dos for frosh, sophs and juniors Hey guys! You’re moving up a grade and you know what that means, you’re one year closer to college! Read on to find out your college To Do’s for the month of July!
New Juniors:
Pursue an intellectual passion.  What are you interested in? Rockets? Basket weaving? World War II? Whatever it is, find a way to learn more about it this summer. Look for a camp or class or club.  Email a professor at the local university and ask some questions or ask for books you should read. Follow your heart and find a way to learn more about your interests! (This is very helpful on college applications because it shows the colleges what you are interested in and that you are a person who makes things happen!). Start to work on your college list!  Yesssssss, so fun!
I highly recommend doing some job shadows or career interviews of people you know. Adults LOVE to talk about what they do, and they will always be willing to meet you for coffee to discuss if their career would be a good fit for you. This helps you when you declare a major and when you write your college apps because you can decide if you are interested in a career *before* you get to college and pay for classes.
But rising Juniors, the big thing you NEED to do this summer is TEST PREP. Get it out of the way before school starts, and continue it into the fall if you need. Test prep is (sadly) no longer an option—it is an arms race.  Everyone is prepping, so you don’t want to send in your raw scores against everyone else’s prepped scores. Get tips and tricks for your test prep here!
New Sophomores and Freshmen:
Read for pleasure, research something you love, and explore new interests. GET A  LIBRARY CARD BECAUSE THEY’RE ETERNALLY COOL.
Sophs, do you need to attend summer school to improve a grade or to get ahead? Do that *this* summer, because summer time gets more scarce as high school progresses.  This is your last really chill summer actually, and if you hope to apply to a super competitive college, then even this summer can’t be chill after all.
Frosh, if you hope to apply to a super competitive college then this summer can’t be chill for you, either. READDDDDDDD.
Yay, college!


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