9 Ways To Survive Freshman Year of College

By: Amani Teshome, Student, Boston College   Congrats! You’ve finally made it. After twelve years of education comprising of: kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school, you’re on your way to freshman year of college. It probably seems like this phase of life has been a long time coming. From your parents or older […]

Top Colleges For Finance Majors

By: Amani Teshome, Student, Boston College   Many colleges are renowned for their impressive undergraduate business schools and programs. Within these schools, arguably the most popular major is Finance. Whether driven by a passion for numbers and an understanding of the market or motivated by the idea of being the next Gordon Gecko (minus the whole […]

Meet Our March Scholarship Winner: Ryan

By: Mia Myklebust   Meet Ryan, the winner of our March $500 College Scholarship Contest! Ryan is an 18-year-old who recently graduated from high school. He is a very curious young man who usually spends his free time writing and learning about physics and astronomy.   In high school, Ryan enjoyed spending time after school helping teachers […]

Why To Monitor Your Social Media: As Told By A College Student

By: Amani Teshome, Junior at Boston College   We’ve all seen it. As winter and spring approach and Juniors and Seniors in high school are either beginning the application process or are waiting to hear back from a university, some changes begin to occur online.   We’ve all seen the countless attempts at trying to […]

Meet Our April College Scholarship Winner: Jade

By: Mia Myklebust   Say hello to this month’s $500 College Scholarship Contest winner, Jade!   Jade should be a Senior, but because she graduated high school a semester early she has spent the past semester at her local community college. She’s a 17-year-old who enjoys playing the flute and reading. She played the flute […]

June College To Do List: Juniors and Seniors

The weather is getting hot and students everywhere are trying to focus until summer break arrives. While you all deserve some time in the sun after a long school year, there are still some things you need to do, to make sure you are on track to get into the college of your dreams.   […]

June College To Do’s: Freshmen and Sophomores

Summer is fast approaching and it’s becoming harder to focus on school and easier to gaze out the window at the sun. However, though you definitely deserve a break, there are still some things you need to do, to make sure you are on track to be accepted into your dream college!   Sophomores: ·All […]