May College To Dos for Seniors

Student Studying Outside in MayBy: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.
Happy Spring! With two months of school left until you leave high school behind, there is still so much that you can be doing to be on track for college. Let’s dive right in!
Send in your deposit by May 1st
As we discussed last month, you needed to let your college of choice know your decision to enroll there by submitting your deposit by May 1st.
Send in your housing deposit
Do this as soon as possible so that you can get the best housing options. Your college admissions office can often put you in touch with student ambassadors who can help you decide which housing might be best for you. Consider themed housing, like Honors, Substance Free, Engineering, or Environmentally Focused housing. Most colleges have themed dorms of some sort and it really helps you to make friends if you can be with some like-minded people right out of the gate.
Pin the map
If you know where you’re headed next fall, make it official by pinning the map with your college. You’ll get to see where other CollegeMapper users are headed (anonymously of course) and can look at where you fit in!
Keep your grades high
If you are on the wait list anywhere, or if your school requires Final Year Reports, watch your grades and avoid Senior Slide/Slack/Slump with everything in your power. *If your college doesn’t like your final grades, they can take their offer back and it happens every year…*
Send Final Year Reports to your college, if required
This may happen automatically via the Common App and your high school, but if your college requires your Final Year Report, then it is your responsibility to make sure they receive it.
Continue to work to get off of the waitlist
Also send your final year grades to any college where you may be on the waitlist, to update them on your excellent progress. Note that if your progress is not excellent, your chances of getting off of the waitlist are not high. You may consider visiting campus, to show your interest, if that is welcome by the college. ONLY do what is welcome. 🙂
Decide if you are going to request AP/IB credit from your college
Do you want the AP/IB credit at your college? Your AP/IB grades may have earned you the right to get credit at college. This is actually a double-edged sword: yes, you can get credit for your work and the AP/IB tests are much cheaper than taking the actual class at college. This can also put you ahead by covering certain pre-req’s that the college would require, so you can take other classes or possibly graduate early. The flip side is that you miss the opportunity to take classes with some familiar material during a difficult transition time. Taking familiar classes–it won’t all be repeat material–is a great way to get your feet on the ground and get a good GPA right out of the gate. Also, college is tougher than high school, so consider that, too.
Do something relaxing this summer, and get a job to save money
Do try to relax a bit after the long haul of high school is over. Also, consider getting a summer job to save money for college expenses. Next summer you’ll want to be thinking about internships in your major, but this summer it’s a good idea to recharge your batteries before you begin the academic rigors of college. College is awesome, but it’s tougher than high school, so rest up this summer to be ready!
Plan to attend your orientation at your college
This event is awesome! You get your feet on the ground, your adviser helps you choose classes, and you make friends. Register and talk to your parents to see if they are able to go with you. Orientation at most colleges is required, so check the policy at yours. Respond as soon as possible and take the earliest orientation available because since you register for classes, you want to do that early to have the best chances.
Begin working on your packing list for college!
We have an awesome packing list on CollegeMapper to help you get organized. Start collecting things in June because many of you will move to college in August. It’s so exciting! Good luck and yay, college!


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