Juniors: What To Do In May To Get To College

May College Tips for JuniorsAlthough the school year is winding down, the college application season is just revving up for you, Juniors! There are plenty of tasks you can check off your list now so you won’t be swamped during the heat of admissions season.
Start work on apps
Start your main college essay this month and aim to have it final during August. Firm up your resume now so that it’s ready to go for any of your colleges that will accept it. Get these things off your plate now because more things are coming each month. I have broken it up into manageable bits, so stick with me!
Keep your grades high
Really throw yourself into it now. This semester is the one the colleges will look at the most closely, to see what kind of student you will be at their college. There is a huge difference between a B+ and an A-, or a C+ and a B-…so really, really do all you can to push up those grades. Whatever you do, though, DO NOT ask your teacher how you can improve your grade or it will not move. The answer to that question is obvious–work harder.
Wrap up testing
It’s time to try to wrap up testing now. Take the SAT in May or June, the ACT in June, and do your best on AP/IB and SAT Subject Tests. You’ll be so glad that these are not added onto a very full plate in the Fall…
Totally firm up your summer plans
Make sure you are doing something brainy this summer, something of interest to you where you can learn about what you may want to major in. This will help save you time and money at college. You can do a cool summer camp, a job shadow, an internship, OR you can interview several professionals and ask them what they like/don’t like about their careers…ask them if it would be a good career for you. Adults LOVE to talk about what they do. Literally, you could walk into any office, off the street, and ask if you could ask them some questions and people are always happy to help teenagers.
Visit campuses if you haven’t yet
This is the time to do the campus visits because the Fall will be really busy for you. 🙂 Make sure your campus visits are registered through the office of admissions and that you take the official tour and sit in on the info session. Take notes. You won’t get to see students, but at least you can see the campus and the town.
Join mailing lists at target colleges
For all of the schools on your list, go ahead and sign up on their websites to receive more info. This keeps you in the loop and lets the college know you are interested.


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