What To Do At The College Fair [VLOG]

In today’s Vlog, Susanna talks about the benefits of attending a college fair. Learn about the best things to do to make a good impression with admission officers and the things you should avoid doing. Yay, college!
Welcome to another edition of the CollegeMapper Vlog. Today, we are talking about what you should and should not do at the college fair. So, the college fair, let’s just set the scene, is usually held at a large gymnasium at university or a conference center at the convention center. And there could be fifty, one hundred or five hundred colleges there and they all set up a little table very similar to this one. And they put their banner behind them and in front of them, and they pass out brochures and they pass out little cards and it is overwhelming. Just be ready, it is overwhelming.
OK. So, when you walk into the college fair, usually some 
really lovely volunteer from the community gives you a map of all the colleges that are there. I think it’s a great idea, if you can, to go online even the night before, figure out which colleges will be there that you might be interested in talking to. Circle them, get the map if you can, circle them. Have kind of a plan. I also think that you should take a bag because as you walk through the college fair you’re going to be getting a lot of brochures, it gets really heavy and cumbersome.
The college fairs are making you register online now, which I s awesome because then you get a barcode on your name tag and you can scan in. So, you don’t have to fill out your name and address on those little info cards like people have been doing for the past thirty years. So, it’s really cool because you just scan in and then you have contact information for all these colleges which is really great. So, I do think that you should see the booths of the colleges that you are very interested in, and I also think that you should talk to some randos that you’ve maybe never heard of before because you might discover a college that’s just amazing for you. Always look for a boost where the person maybe doesn’t have a big long line and they would have time to talk to you and that’s just fun and great and you get to be a new person and that’s nice. 

So, let’s talk about some things that you should not do at the college fair. I would not push my way to the front of the line at any table because that’s not very friendly now, is it? I would not ask more than a few questions if there’s a big long line behind me because the person that you’re asking those questions of is going to notice that you’re a person who doesn’t really care much about other people. So be, you know, concise. Ask a couple of intelligent questions, we have samples of those on the site, and then move on and let others have their turn. I would not forget to say thank you, shake someone’s hand, maybe take their business card. And then you can follow up with a little email asking any other questions that you might have.


And I think that pretty much covers it for the college fair, some dos and some don’ts. I definitely think you should go, it’s a great way to learn about colleges and I’d totally recommend it. Double thumbs up on the college fair. Good luck!



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