How To Choose Between Two Colleges [VIDEO]

First of all, let’s remind ourselves that this is a good problem to have. Having the option to choose between schools is awesome. It means you put your all into your applications and got great results! However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not stressful and difficult to make a decision. To help you out, Susanna is here with some valuable advice on weighing the pros and cons of your schools.
How to choose between two colleges. This is always really difficult. When you get it narrowed down to those last two and you really feel stuck that’s not a super fun place to be. But hey it is kind of an exciting it’s positive. You were accepted to great places and you have two great choices. So let’s look on the bright side. There are some questions you can ask to help you make this decision so don’t panic you’ve got this under control. Some of the questions that I think you should ask:
First of all, I think you should in as much as you are capable try to visit most colleges. because if you can visit oftentimes you can talk to students there sit in on classes meet faculty even stay overnight in the dorms and get a really good sort of gut feeling on if you would fit in there. Some other things I think you should do when you’re on campus if you can go are read the bulletin boards pick up the student newspaper eat in the dorm even the commons which is attached to the dorms. Sort of see the vibe on campus you know by reading what the postings are listening to conversations. Check out the library ask what the kids do on the weekends.
And then there are some nitty-gritty questions which you can actually get answered on the phone if you’re not able to go and visit the campus. Some of the questions I think are really good to ask before you choose to go to a college are: do they have the exact major I think I’m interested in and perhaps my backup major that I think I might switch to if I change my major. Then go a little deeper than that. How many classes do they offer in your major? Count the classes because there’s a difference between four and 40 or even four and 14. If you’re finished taking all the classes in your major after only one year hmm that’s probably not so great.
I would also investigate how many faculties are in that department what’s their placement rate for graduates in jobs upon graduation. Who’s doing recruiting on campus? What kind of internships is available etc.etc? What kind of career coaching is there can I get some help with my resume. Also look at the sports and clubs. Are you going to be happy on campus? Are there things that you can join that are appealing to you because you want to be happy socially and academically. So, investigate some of those things, talk to as many kids as you can. Talk to alumni and current students and the office of admissions will hook you up ususally by Facebook with students that you can talk to. They will be students that you can talk to and find out what it’s like to go there.

So, it’s a tough decision but it’s a fun one. I would literally make a pros/cons list of both schools and just let your heart guide you because in the end it always works out and you always can figure out where it is that you really want to go. I’ve seen it work every single time. The kids always figure it out. So best of luck to you buh bye!


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