College Test Prep: What To Do and When To Do It

When choosing your test prep, many students prep for the SAT and then also take the ACT, because most students find the SAT trickier. When you are at the test prep place, they will help you decide which test to focus on.   All colleges accept either test, so there is no worry about which […]

How To Choose Between Two Colleges [VIDEO]

  First of all, let’s remind ourselves that this is a good problem to have. Having the option to choose between schools is awesome. It means you put your all into your applications and got great results! However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not stressful and difficult to make a decision. To help you out, […]

What To Do At The College Fair [VLOG]

  In today’s Vlog, Susanna talks about the benefits of attending a college fair. Learn about the best things to do to make a good impression with admission officers and the things you should avoid doing. Yay, college!   Transcription:   Welcome to another edition of the CollegeMapper Vlog. Today, we are talking about what […]

Meet Our February College Scholarship Winner: Bryan

                                        By: Mia Myklebust   Congratulations to Bryan, the winner of CollegeMapper’s February College Scholarship Contest! Bryan is a high school Senior who is excited about attending college in the fall. He enjoys tennis and plays […]

How To Get Off The Waitlist

If you are waitlisted, the news is *much* better than being rejected.  If you fight intelligently, you can often be admitted.   Fighting to get off of the waitlist involves a bit of work, but often yields good results.  You do need to be willing to wait to hear back until as late as even August. […]

Your April College To-Do’s

Hello college hopefuls! April means the Seniors are hearing back from the rest of their colleges (fingers crossed for good news!), and Juniors are visiting campuses across the country.  So much college fun going on!   Seniors: Decide which college you will attend You should have heard back from all of your colleges by now, […]