Key Points in College Essays [VLOG]

Wondering about what the heck you should be writing about in your personal statement? In today’s Vlog Susanna explains the fundamental points that you should cover in your college essays and gives ideas for topics you could address.
Welcome to another edition of the CollegeMapper Vlog. Today we are talking about key points that colleges look for in essays, a very popular question submitted to us by our students on the site you were asking, “What should I be writing about in these college essays, Susanna tell me.” So, I think sincerity is sort of the number one thing that colleges are looking for in your essays to them. Tell the truth, tell your story, make it sound like you not your dad. Make sure that if you’re having other people look at it, it’s still your voice. Sincerity is sort of my number one factor. And then I think colleges are interested to know what you think about, what do you like, what motivates you.
So, what are you curious about, what are you passionate about, what do you like to think about your free time and what do you read about. They would love to know about those sorts of things. Have you done anything that you’re really proud of. Colleges are interested in hearing about your accomplishments, so that’s certainly something else that you can talk about. And I think another point that they’re often interested in reading about is, have you overcome or really been up against a significant challenge.
I think that is an important part of your story as a college applicant and the people who are reading your file would really like to know what the difficulty was that you’ve faced and how you handled that. Or if you’re still facing and and what you’re doing to to deal with that challenge. So, those are some of the key points that by advise my students to think about when they’re writing college essays. Feel free to just to send us more questions, we are happy to answer the questions that you guys submit. So, good luck writing those essays!



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