February To Do’s for College

February groundhog It’s February and chilly, but there are still many things you need to be thinking about for college (yay!). These things will keep you so busy that you won’t feel the cold!


Be sure that all of your applications are complete
You do this by clicking the link the college emailed you right after you applied. If anything is missing, send it asap or your app may be thrown out!
Schedule any last interviews
Interviews help you, and some colleges will talk with you via Skype, so read the CollegeMapper handout on Interviewing and ask if you can schedule one.
Update your colleges if you receive any new honors or awards
Politely send an email to the correct person in admissions, noting your new achievement and asking that it be added to your file.
If your colleges want mid-year reports, send them now
Your counselor sends these, but it is a good idea for you to ask her, help her, and make sure it gets done.
Keep your grades up

Many colleges will ask to see your 7th-semester grades from last Fall if they are on the fence about you, so make sure they are good!!

Narrow your college list

It’s time for you to really start researching schools and taking notes on what you like. Use the CollegeMapper college list to help you get started.

Plan campus visits

Ask your parents if they can take you to visit some schools in February or April so that you can get a feel for what you like/don’t like in a college.  This is really helpful.
Start taking the SAT and the ACT
Take each test once to see which you prefer. Be sure you have done some sort of test prep, and try to start testing before March.
Be sure you are volunteering
Colleges will ask. Compassion rules.  Heads up.
Research cool summer options

We have great ideas under the Resources section on CollegeMapper, but also spend some time searching on the internet for camps or workshops in your possible major area.  This is a great way to figure out what you want to study.
Keep your grades up

Really make an effort to do your best now, because colleges look most closely at your Junior grades.
Sophomores and Freshmen:
Join a club
Oh yeah. You need to, Just pick one. Hey, you might actually find something you like.
You also need to do this, for college, but it is so good for your heart, too. Pick something compassionate and start now.
Start thinking about summer plans
Start researching now on CollegeMapper, under Resources, and especially consider things you might like to major in. You can go to a camp or workshop at a college.  Think brainy!
Keep your grades up
Get the best grades you can because you can set your GPA very high right now, which will help you later when classes get harder.
That should keep you plenty busy all February long–yay, college!


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