The Waiting Game

Student waiting for college acceptance letterBy: Mia Myklebust
Many high school Seniors have completed their college applications (don’t stress if you haven’t there’s still time!) and are now playing what we like to call “The Waiting Game.” This is the time period between when students apply to and hear from colleges. At first, it can be a relief to finish all your applications, but soon waiting to hear back can become nerve-wracking. Many high school Seniors have found themselves waiting for the mailman every afternoon hoping that the fat envelope will come. Our best advice: don’t be that kid. If you’re stressed out try to focus on other things to get you through.
Stay busy- If you keep yourself occupied you won’t have time to worry about whether or not your letter has come yet. If you play a sport or are in a club give it your full attention. If you don’t, come up with an out of school activity to occupy your time. This could be a great time to do some Independent Research or Volunteer. Which brings us to our second point.
Update colleges on your accomplishments- If you have had any notable achievement since you submitted your applications, make sure to let your colleges know. Any new awards or honors can help your apps stand out, plus contacting admissions officers will keep your name fresh in their minds. Make sure you are only reporting new awards, don’t repeat anything that you have already included on your applications. Email or call the admissions rep designated to your area to inform them of your recent accomplishments. 
Keep your grades high- This is an often overlooked, but critical part of your applications.  If a college is on the fence about you, they may ask for your first semester grades to help them decide whether to admit you. You want to be able to hand over a stellar report card, not the evidence of your Senioritis. It is even possible for a college to rescind an acceptance if your Senior year grades aren’t up to par, so, study on!
If you’re really feeling the pressure while waiting to hear back from your colleges, try some of our Stress Busting Tips. Also, don’t forget to record the status of each of your applications as you receive them on the Applications page of CollegeMapper. On this page, you can mark whether you were accepted, deferred or declined and how much financial aid support you got from each of your schools. Good luck and yay, college!


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