How to Transfer to a 4-Year College

Your step-by-step guide on how to transfer between a two-year and four-year college.

Transfer schoolsBy: Mia Myklebust

With acceptance becoming more difficult and tuition rising at 4-year universities, more and more high school students are turning to 2-year community colleges for higher education.  Some students are satisfied with an Associate’s degree, but others want to go on to 4-year institutions to receive their Bachelor’s degree. This is a great track to take, but it can be difficult for students to figure out how to make the transfer from a 2-year to a 4-year school. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Today’s blog addresses the steps you need to take to transfer. Good luck and yay, college.
Step 1: Talk with an academic advisor at your community college
As soon as you enter community college plan out all your courses with your advisor, to meet the graduation requirements for your Associate’s degree. It may seem like you’re doing this early but especially if you’re transferring you need to be sure that you are on track to graduate in 2 years. Meet your advisor at least every quarter to make sure you’re still on-track so you aren’t surprised later.
Step 2: Meet with a Transfer advisor at the 4-year college to which you plan to transfer (4-year schools often have sessions for this.)
Step 3: Prepare for your 4-year Major
At certain universities, you may need to apply for your major as well as for the university in general. This requires you to meet certain pre-requisites before you transfer. Some Bachelor’s degrees take longer to finish and can require sequential courses.
Step 4: Learn about direct-transfer
Most 4-year universities and colleges will automatically accept you if you are meeting minimum requirements, such as certain GPA and number of credits at your two-year college. This means you automatically know that you can get into a 4-year program. Research each 4-year school you are interested in and learn about its specific admissions process.
Step 5: Know how your credits will transfer before you take the class
Not all 4-year universities accept credits in the same way. Contact each admissions office to learn how you can take courses that will transfer and work toward your bachelor’s degree.
Step 6: Determine when you want to transfer and apply
Work backward to make sure you meet all necessary deadlines. If you set an end date for yourself you will have more success planning out a path to get there. You’ll need to fill out a Transfer Student Application and then have your advisor proofread your application so that it shines!
There you have it kiddos! Transferring from a 2-year to a 4-year college is only challenging if you fail to plan ahead. Follow these steps and you will find yourself with a Bachelor’s degree in no time at all!


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