How To Send Your Transcripts To Colleges [VIDEO]

It’s Senior year of high school and you’re in the thick of college applications (or you should be!). You’ve done your best to get those grades up and now it’s time to show them off to the colleges, but you’re thinking,”Where do I start?” Take a peek at our latest video on how to send your transcripts to the colleges to find out. Good luck!
 Ok, so you’re in the thick of college applications (exciting!) and it’s time to send your transcripts. Yes, this is a complicated procedure, however, I’m going to try to boil this down.
Alright, you need to send your high school transcript to every college to which you apply. But you can’t technically do it because it has to be an official transcript sent by your high school. So, you go to your guidance counselor. Usually they come into the English rooms and make a presentation on this procedure, but if you miss that go to your guidance counselor’s office and get the sheet that lists the procedure for how to order the transcript to be sent to the colleges.
You must follow this procedure very carefully because guidance counselors are very busy, overworked people. You want to help them in every way that you possibly can. This is a super stressful time of year for these people. Follow the procedure to a tee. Follow it early. Do not fail to plan this out and then have a crisis that other people have to solve for you. Plan ahead; go request the transcripts.
Your high school might ask that you pay a small amount to have each transcript sent to the colleges. So order them early, follow the procedure that the guidance counselor lines out and make sure that you do it all at once in one fell swoop. Go in there with your full college list and list them all, that way you don’t have to run back 5 or 6 times. Order them plenty in advance so they can get to the college before the due date, before the deadline. So you need to do all of this in, I would say, October. This is when you should be ordering your transcripts from your high school to send with your college applications.
If you’ve taken any classes outside of high school, like at a local community college, then you would certainly want to go to that community college as well and request that that transcript be sent to all the colleges you’re applying to so they can see the work that you did, because you did something extra, and that’s really cool.
Your transcript is a very important part of your college application. You will not be accepted to college without an official transcript, so make sure that you pay very careful attention to this one and verify that the colleges have in fact received your transcript. Good luck, goodbye! 


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