Pieces of a College Application [VIDEO]

The pieces of a college app can be difficult to decipher and hard to keep track of. Now that the school year has begun, it’s time for Seniors to begin sorting them out. Susanna is here to help with today’s video on the different parts of a college application and what they mean. For more advice on what you should be doing now to get into college, check out your personalized To Do List on CollegeMapper.com or read our post on what you should be doing this September to be admitted to your favorite college.
So, let’s discuss the pieces of a college application. There are a few pieces involved when you apply to college, a few pieces that you put all together and they become your college application.
You have the application itself, and then you have your essays, which you attach to the application. You usually upload essays into the app because the applications are usually online. You also have your resume of all of your high school activities, a transcript from your high school, rec letters from your teachers and your guidance counselor, and your test scores that you send from the College Board or ACT. So, you upload the essays into the application, the transcripts are sent by your high school, the test scores you send from the College Board or ACT, the resume you upload into the application OR you can email it or give it to someone during an interview.
An unspoken part of college applications would be the interview, which I think can really sway things in your favor if you go into an interview and are really enthusiastic and tell them how much you like the school. While it’s not printed on paper as part of your application, it’s certainly considered as part of your package that they saw you, they met you, you really loved the school. All that correspondence that you may do with the admissions representative who’s in charge of your file, including your interview, all of that correspondence is sort of an unspoken bit that’s attached to your application and really helps to sway things in your favor.
The colleges are very interested in admitting kids who want to be there. So when a school is your top choice school make sure that tell them, make sure that fact makes it into that application in some essay, or an email or the interview. Make sure that they know that you really, really like that school, that it’s your top choice. Best of luck to you as you submit all of your applications! 


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