Great Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

Students learning in a library By: Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.
Most colleges and universities offer some sort of support services to students with learning disabilities, but some colleges clearly stand out from the pack in terms of the levels and types of support available. Whether students come to college in need of help with dyslexia, a hearing impairment, Asperger’s Syndrome or any other sort of learning challenge, there are colleges who are very adept at supporting student needs.
Students who are interested in learning support services are encouraged to visit each campus, meet the learning support staff and see the types of services available. Some students have learned to manage their learning needs on their own during high school, and they may not feel that they want or need the same sort of assistance in college, but for students who know that they will need some sort of learning accommodations, it is best to be open and honest with the college staff before applying and enrolling, to be sure the school will be a great fit and ensure a student’s academic success. Today we profile some of the leaders in the field of learning support services.
The University of Arizona*
Top Majors: Business, Social sciences, Biological/life sciences
Type: public
Location: Tuscon, Arizona
Tuition: $9,114 in state /$25,310 out of state
Students: 27, 356 Undergraduates
Carnegie Mellon University*
Type: private/nonprofit
Location: Pittsburg, PA
Students: 6,093 Undergraduates
Tuition: $44,880 in state /$44,880 out of state
Top Majors: Computer science, Electrical/computer engineering, Business administration
Curry College
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 1,976 Undergraduates
Tuition: $31,900 in state /$31,900 out of state
Location: Milton, MA
Top Majors: Communication, Criminal justice, Nursing
University of Denver 
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 4,997 Undergraduates
Tuition: $38,232 in state /$38,232 out of state
Location: Denver, CO
Top Majors: Finance, Marketing, International business
Fairleigh Dickinson – College at Florham Park
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 2,223 Undergraduates
Tuition: $34,082 in state /$34,082 out of state
Location: Madison, NJ
Top Majors: Psychology, Business management, Communications
George Mason, VA
Type: Public
Students:16,304 Undergraduates
Tuition: $6,752 in state /$24,230 out of state
Location: Fairfax, VA
Top Majors: Psychology, Accounting, Political science/government
Hofstra, NY
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 6,636 Undergraduates
Tuition: $34,400 in state /$34,400 out of state
Location: Hempstead, NY
Top Majors: Psychology, Marketing, Management
University of Indianapolis
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 3,036 Undergraduates
Tution: $23,590 in state /$23,590 out of state
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Top Majors: Business administration/management, practical nursing
University of Iowa
Type: Public
Tuition: $6,678 in state /$24,900 out of state
Students: 19,354 Undergraduates
Location: Iowa City, IA
Top Majors: Business, Inter-departmental studies, Engineering
Lynn University 
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 1,453 Undergraduates
Tuition: $31,100 in state /$31,100 out of state
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Top Majors: Business administration, Hospitality management, Psychology
Marshall University*
Type: Public
Students: 8,612 Undergraduates
Tuition: $4,860 in state /$12,860 out of state
Location: Huntington, WV
Top Majors: B.A. Regents, Biological science, Nursing
Muskingum University
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 1,583 Undergraduates
Tuition: $22,000 in state /$22,000 out of state
Location: New Concord, OH
Official Religion: Presbyterian Church USA
Top Majors: Business, Education
University of Southern California*
Type: Private / Nonprofit
Students: 16,753 Undergraduates
Tuition: $43,722 in state /$43,722 out of state
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Top Majors: Business administration/accounting, Communication, Biological sciences
University of S. Illinois Carbondale*
Type: Public
Students: 13,066 Undergraduates
Tuition: $8,169 in state /$20,422 out of state
Location: Carbondale, IL
Top Majors: Workforce education/development, Elementary education, Healthcare management
*Denotes schools with strong programs for students with Asperger’s syndrome


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