Financing College [Infographic]

A visual representation of how to finance college.

Why you should start thinking about paying for college now
Financing college has almost always been a struggle for families, but in recent years it has become more difficult than ever. Rising tuition rates and a faltering economy have meant that American families have had to reach even deeper into their pockets to ensure that their children have access to higher education.

According to the UCLA study, The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2011, over half of families have at least some concerns about paying for college. The number of student loans taken out in the past 10 years has increased, while the number of grants and scholarships awarded to students has decreased since 2010. All of these factors mean that you should start thinking about financing college sooner rather than later and use the net price calculator that each college offers on their website before you apply.

For more information on paying for college visit our Financial Aid page on Another great reference is our interview with financial aid specialist Lynn O’Shaughnessy, How Can I Pay For College?


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