Choose My Major: Political Science

The PentagonBy Mia Myklebust and Susanna Cerasuolo, M.Ed.
Choosing a college major can seem nearly impossible. Titles like “Digital Arts and Experimental Media” or “Comparative History of Ideas” can make it difficult to decipher exactly what you will be studying. Even with more traditional majors like Communications or Biology, it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what skills you will need and what job you could end up within four years.
This post is the first in the series “Choose My Major,” blog posts that will delve into what skills you will need for certain majors, what job you could end up with, and what you should be doing now to help you reach your goals. We will also include a list of colleges that have great programs for each specific major. We hope to surprise you and open your eyes to new potential majors that you might not have thought to consider before!
You should consider Political Science if you’re good at public speaking, writing, meditation, analysis, strategy, statistics, history
Possible jobs: Ambassador, teacher, politician, attorney, professor, diplomat, speechwriter, journalist, news commentator
Experience to get now: Student government, Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Youth Court, Student Senate, Junior Statesmen of America, Business Week, International Business Week, Future Business Leaders of America, Debate, Peer Mediator, Student-Faculty Liasion, Club leader, Relevant internship
Colleges to consider:You could be a politician like Condoleezza
American University
University of California, Berkeley
Claremont McKenna
The George Washington University
Georgetown University
Grinnell College
Harvard University
Macalaster College
Pennsylvania State University
Princeton University
Stanford University
Tufts University
Washington University, St. Louis
A great way to investigate potential careers for you is to talk to people who are currently doing those jobs.  Adults LOVE to talk to kids about what they do, and people so rarely ask us, so don’t be shy. Invite a professional whom you admire to coffee and pick their brain with such questions as: What parts of this job do you love?, What skills are necessary for this?, What path did you take to get here?, What do you suggest I start doing now to investigate this career?
Be sure to say thank you, and then send an email from time to time to keep in touch; who knows, they may have a job offer for you one day.  There are careers to suit everyone’s skills, so get out there and find your dream job!
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