Where Can I Get in With These SAT Scores? [Infographic]

A graphic representation for what SAT scores you need to get into different colleges.

Where Can I Get In With These SAT Scores?

Students often wonder where they can be accepted with their particular SAT scores.  This is a difficult question to answer, because so many factors go into each admissions decision, such as: GPA, rigor of your high school, rigor of the courses you chose, test scores, AP/IB scores, legacy, sports recruiting, resume, essays, rec letters, financial need, demonstrated interest, interview, etc.  BUT, for a rough and general guide, if you are hoping to be accepted to schools like the ones listed here, then you should, in general, try to have all three sections of your SAT above this line–just to be in the running–and your GPA needs to match them pretty well.
Having these scores does not mean you will be accepted.  At most schools, meeting a sort of baseline threshold just enables your application to be read, so do not assume that great scores will get you in. Your scores will open the door for you, but the rest of the factors listed above will decide if you make it or not. Be thinking about these factors as early as freshman year.  Best of luck to you as you pursue your dreams!
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  1. Hi Everybody! We published this infographic in 2012, so now, in 2018 I would add a cool 20-50 points to each section, since these things DO go up over time. IE–it’s getting more competitive out there. Just a heads up. For most of these, you’ll be safer if you add roughly 40 pts to everything shown here. Yay, college! 🙂

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